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Uber Accidents And Your Options

Uber Accidents and Your Options

Companies such as Uber and Lyft have revolutionized public transportation and personal travel options. However, with this convenient, cost-effective method of ridesharing, comes new uncharted territory. 

Driving for Uber

The requirements to drive for Uber are quite simple. Drivers must be 21 years old or older, possess a U.S. driver’s license, and have a four-door vehicle available to them. Uber also performs a basic background check looking for any criminal history and examining the driver’s driving record before approval. Nevertheless, Uber drivers are human, and accidents happen. 

Uber Accidents

There are two ways to have a possible claim of negligence against an Uber driver. One, if you are the passenger in an Uber vehicle that is involved in an accident, or, two if you are driving a car that is struck by an Uber vehicle.

The complications arise depending on whether or not the Uber driver was transporting a passenger when the accident occurred or driving their personal vehicle. The situation can quickly become confusing as to which insurance carrier needs to be involved; the driver’s, Uber’s, or a combination of both. Liability is another question which often comes into play in these types of situations. 

Regardless of how you are involved in an Uber accident, some things to remember are:

  • Seek immediate medical attention if you require it.
  • Get each driver’s name, address, phone number, and insurance company details.
  • Take photos of the accident scene. You may need them later.
  • Jot down information from any witnesses.
  • Try to collect as much information as possible about how the accident occurred. 

Documentation of the accident is a critical piece of the puzzle and can make or break your case. 

We Want to Help You

As a result of being seriously injured in a car accident, you are entitled to monetary damages. These types of ridesharing services pose complex questions in terms of liability, insurance, and responsibility. You may need an experienced automobile accident attorney to help get the benefits you deserve. Contact us to see how we can help. 

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