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There are different reasons why people opt for plastic surgery. While some undergo the procedure to enhance their personal appearance, others find that certain cosmetic procedures alleviate health problems – for example: a rhinoplasty that relieves breathing problems or a breast reduction that relieves back pain. Though most procedures progress normally, in some instances complications arise which result in catastrophic consequences.

Skilled With Complex Cases

We handle even the most complex cases with skill and professionalism. If you or someone close to you has suffered on account of a plastic surgery error, it may provide you grounds for a Plastic Surgery Malpractice claim. The Soffer Firm’s attorneys have extensive experience with complex cases that involve cosmetic procedures which have had injurious outcomes for our clients.

Our focus is to help clients who have been impacted by the negligence of a surgeon and/or a staff member. We have also represented families of patients who have succumbed to overmedication while a procedure was being performed. In addition, we handle cases that involve use of incorrect implants, postoperative infection, and severe permanent scarring.

We have the extensive experience and aggression required to fight your Plastic Surgery Malpractice case successfully. If you or a loved one has been a victim of Plastic Surgery Malpractice, speak with one of our attorneys in Miami Beach. For an honest assessment of your case and a no-obligation consultation, call The Soffer Firm on 305 417 9596.

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