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6 Pieces Of Information We Collect When Preparing A Car Accident Claim

6 Pieces of Information We Collect When Preparing A Car Accident Claim

We’ve handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases, and we’ve seen first hand how the damage and injuries that result from them, can greatly impact those who are in the crash. From head injuries, paralysis, broken bones to death, a lot of pain and trauma can come from a car accident. The last thing crash victims want to worry about is an attorney who is a pain to work with, isn’t thorough and is inexperienced.
From years of experience litigating these cases, we’ve been able to pinpoint eight pieces of key information that we know make us successful when we get to litigation. For us, preparation is key, and while filing claims, we spend a considerable amount of time gathering the following pieces of information:

  1. Collecting police reports
    • This is official documentation of what happened. This includes statements provided by both you and the other crash victims, and it helps tremendously in proving fault
  2. Collecting accident scene reports
    • This information gives us an idea of what the scene looked like after the crash occurred
  3. Reconstructing the crash scene
    • If necessary, we reconstruct crash scenes. We’ve done it before, and we’ll continue to do it. By reconstructing the scene, we have a clear visual of the accident’s aftermath. This is normally done only when it’s unclear who was at fault in the accident
  4. Questioning witnesses
    • Anyone we can get in contact with, we get in contact with them. Witnesses are a key piece in any case because they tend to pay attention to details and are typically unbiased
  5. Taking photos of the scene, the damage and injuries
    • Photos also serve as official documentation of what happened in the crash and show just how impactful the crash truly was. No other piece of information provides as much visual information as photos
  6. Analyzing medical reports
    • While photos give a great deal of information regarding the injuries sustained during the crash, medical records are also another impeccable piece of evidence. These records come directly from the hospital or clinic and tell us just how severe the injuries were. Knowing this information helps us move with strategy while litigating

Gathering all of the above information helps us build the strongest case for our clients. Contact us if you ever need to hire a Miami car accident attorney.

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