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Five Questions Asked By Your Attorney After A Cruise Injury

Five Questions Asked By Your Attorney After a Cruise Injury

Millions of people travel annually on cruise ships, and many get injured. In fact, cruise ship injuries happen more frequently than you think. If you ever find yourself in a situation in which you suffer injuries from being on a cruise ship, after reading our short tips on things to do and know, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a list of questions. But did you know that in the initial meeting with your attorney, he/she will probably have just as many?

Before meeting with your attorney, know that these five questions help determine the best way he/she can assist you:

  1. How did the injury occur?

    • This question is obvious, but knowing that you need many details when explaining what happened, is not common knowledge. Remember, details make a case, so the more details you give the attorney, the better. Details can also help your attorney ask better questions, which might help bolster your case.

  2. Where on the cruise ship were you when the injury occurred?

    • Were you in a bathroom? The hallway? The restaurant? The stairwell? This matters because depending on the location, your attorney can determine whether previous injuries with other passengers occured in the exact location. In fact, a jury awarded an Illinois man $21 million for an injury he sustained due to faulty motion sensor sliding doors. After further investigation, attorneys found that there were several other incidents with other passengers involving these same doors.

  3. Were there any witnesses? Would you be able to contact them?

    • Witnesses are a critical piece to a case, especially during accidents when a lot of confusion normally occurs. They can offer valuable insight and provide information that you do not see or hear.

  4. Did you file an injury or medical report with the cruise line?

    • This can help to establish and/or clarify case details. If you file any one of these reports, your attorney can request those reports as part of your claim.

  5. Have you seen a doctor since returning home?

    • If yes, be sure to have the details: your visitation date, your evaluations, your additional treatments, etc. Additionally, ask for copies of medical paperwork and billing from medical service providers. This will help the attorney determine the associated costs.

If you’ve suffered any injuries from being on a cruise ship, to schedule a consultation or to simply be informed before you take a cruise, contact one of our cruise law attorneys.


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